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Employment History

Wickerman Games – (2015-Present)
Art & Company Director

CD Projekt Red – (2012-2015)
Environment Artist (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

    • Created textures, models and environments for use in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    • Collaborated with various departments in the creation of environments
    • Optimizing assets for use on PS4 and XBox One platforms

The Chinese Room – (2012-2012)
Environment Artist (Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture)

    • Designed, Modelled and textured low polygon game assets within given polygon allowance
    • Imported asserts into CryEngine 3 for use within the open game world
    • Created textures and materials to be used within the game world.
    • Worked with senior artists, designers and producers in order to define the visual aesthetic and keep visual integrity

Digital Arrow  –  (2011-2012)
3D Artist | Shader and FX artist (InMomentum)

    • Designed, modelled, textured and imported assets into Unreal 3.
    • Created complex material networks, with the Unreal material editor.
    • Created particle systems using Unreal Cascade.
    • Worked with the producer, designer and Level designer .

Vex Studios, LLC – (2010-2011)
Environment Artist

    • Designed, modelled, textured and imported assets into UDK.
    • Created complex material networks, with the Unreal material editor .
    • Created particle systems using Unreal Cascade.
    • Worked with the producer, designer and concept artists on defining the visual aesthetics of the game.

Lukewarm Media –  (Jan 2010 – May 2010)
Environment Artist

    • Designed, modelled and textured assets.
    • Worked with Senior artists and the producer to help define the look and feel of the environments.

Software/ Technical Knowledge

  • 3DS Max – Photoshop – Zbrush – Mudbox – xNormal – Worldmachine
  • Hard Surface Modeling – High to Low sculpt modeling
  • Unreal 3 – Cryengine 3-  UDK – Unigine – Unity
  • Importing Assets, Shader networks, Particles, Level Creation, Lighting Decals
  • Diffuse, Specular (colour), Normal, Emissive, Paralax, Cube texture map creation
  • Agile / Scrum development cycles

Shipped Titles

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, CDProjekt RED – May 2015

 “inMomentum”,  Digital Arrow – Oct 2011


University of Portsmouth – Computer Games Technology BSc. (2006-2009)

    • Created a level utilizing 3DS Max and a lecturers game engine.
    • Studied the creation of vehicles, characters and environmental assets.
    • Created several small games in teams working closely with programmers.

Herts Regional College – BTEC Multimedia Triple Distinction (2004-2006)

    • Utilized 3D Studio Max to create a vehicle with simple animation.
    • Utilized Photoshop to create textures for 3D models.


Most Technological Advanced Game – University of Portsmouth Game Jam (2011).
Intel Visual AdrenalineMost visual appeal and best performance prototype game making intelligent use of the Intel integrate graphics


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